Buying Flowers For Your Guy!


Do guys like flowers? Sure they do! Conroy's Flowers North Hollywood surveyed guys to see if they would like to receive flowers and it turns out they most definitely do! Flowers have a interesting way of making people smile and who doesn’t want to be reminded that they were on someone’s mind! When looking to get an arrangement for your guy try looking up the meaning of flowers and pick a flower that you feel is conveying the message you want to send! Also make sure the color is just right! Maybe an arrangement with lots of greens, oranges, or yellows like Vibrant Floral Medley There are many guides on flower etiquette for men to make sure that you pick the best arrangement for your special guy! Here at Conroy's Flowers North Hollywood in North Hollywood, CA we can help you choose a great arrangement for your special man, something sure to make him smile! Call us today so we can make and deliver blooms for your sweetheart!

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