Floral Ideas for the Traditional Bride


In today’s world being traditional can sometimes seem like and insult instead of a compliment. But some of us like the feel and style of simple classic. Here at Conroy's Flowers North Hollywood, we have come up with floral ideas for the traditional bride’s wedding that are classic yet still can be made to be more personal for your style or wedding. When deciding on flowers for a traditional North Hollywood, CA wedding you may want to research some of the most popular flowers for weddings, flowers like Roses, Tulips, Calla Lilies, Lilies of the Valley, or Hydrangeas. These flowers are very popular for weddings and majority of the time come in a wide assortment of colors that you can choose to match your wedding theme or colors.

Traditional flowers usually revolve around the meaning behind each flower and what they traditionally symbolize for the wedding ceremony. Like hydrangeas which mean understanding and are great for bouquets and decorative arrangements. Even lilies, which traditionally mean majesty, truth, honor are also great for both bouquets and arrangements. Nothing gets more traditional that a rose which is by far the most popular flower ever and symbolizes love, joy, and beauty it also can be used for every part of the ceremony from bouquets and corsages, to boutonnieres, and decorative arrangements. These different flowers are all great for different aspects of your wedding from bouquets to boutonnieres to floral arrangements that are décor for the altar or for the isle.

Some of the most traditional flowers are usually available year-round and can be used in weddings that range in budget. We have an assortment of arrangements that can be used as inspiration for a traditional wedding. The 1 Dozen Roses Red Rose Elegance arrangement is a beautiful arrangement with crisp classic long stem red roses and baby's breath this is great inspiration for a traditional wedding because these flowers not only complement each other well, but embody everything that a traditional wedding is. We also have Fields of Europe Romance that is great inspiration for a traditional wedding, it contains beautiful red roses which are very popular for traditional weddings and a favorite among traditional brides, evelated with romantic pink daisies, pink lilies and pink roses!

It’s a great idea to get inspiration for your wedding flowers from bouquets because you can see how well certain flowers complement each other and how well the flowers of choice will look when put in arrangements together. Conroy's Flowers North Hollywood loves traditional because the timeless beauty will keep you happy for years to come. Who doesn’t want photos that won’t make them cringe, when they are showing them off 30 plus years from now!

Check out our website for more traditional floral ideas, we have many arrangements that we know will help you pick the best flowers for your traditional North Hollywood, CA wedding!

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