Unique Gifts for Wedding Guests


There are many components that all fit together to create a memorable wedding. A wedding is essentially a celebration of the love two people have for one another. This love is so precious. It prompts a promise, a declaration to be made in front of the couple’s closest friends and relatives.

Those friends and family gathered as witnesses for the exchange of vows are important people. There is a reason they were chosen to be there with you on this important day, and there is a reason they chose to accept the invitation and take part in your celebration.

A wedding should be a memorable experience, so it makes sense to give your guests a keepsake to enjoy. The best wedding keepsakes tie the knot with the style, theme or color palette of your wedding. We assembled some ideas for gifts to say thanks in a small way to the people who were part of your big day.

How to Choose Gifts They Won’t Lose

Crows are notoriously attracted to shiny objects, but this is because the crow is a collector and very resourceful about finding uses for random objects. However, this is not the case with people. Most people aren’t going to hold onto something unless it is interesting, useful or enjoyable in some way.

Weddings have become more unique, often incorporating aspects of the couple’s individuality into elements of the décor, florals, cake, etc. The venue, mood and atmosphere of your wedding is a result of a choreographed dance involving the style, colors, florals, lighting and other elements of the environment and décor.

Keep these different things in mind as you select the wedding favors for your guests. These favors should blend in with these other elements and give your guests a reminder of your special day by being something unique, something that coincides with the two of you.

Treats to Drink or Eat

If you want to send your guests home with a treat that they can either eat or drink, the item should be something that reflects you as a couple, in a way that will make your friends and family smile knowingly. It should also be presented in a cute or meaningful way.

For instance, if you and your partner met at a winery or bar, tiny bottles of the corresponding beverage would be a cute way to commemorate that moment. To be funny and helpful, you could even include hangover cures like Advil, mouthwash, breath mints, sunglasses, small water bottles and Vitamin C.

If your first date was at a Mexican restaurant, hand out monogrammed jars of salsa as wedding favors with little bags of chips. For coffee drinkers, coffee is a great wedding favor, and there are many ways to artfully present it.

Any kind of food, spice, utensil, small kitchen tool like measuring cups, cocktail shakers, salt and pepper shakers, cups, bottle openers or even pizza cutters can be a wedding favor if it means something to the two of you.

Art is Smart

Maybe the two of you are art enthusiasts. A neat and memorable wedding souvenir is a piece created by you for your guests. There are mini easels and cavasses you can buy to express your artistic vision as a gift for your guests.

Another artistic gift would be an artistic photograph of the two of you in a custom frame. You could also make ornaments, snow globes or coasters to give to guests.

The presentation of your artistic piece and the colors should coincide with your wedding. For instance, if your wedding is more traditional and vintage, the piece of art or craft should also be that style. If your wedding is more modern, celebrate your guests with treats that are modern art masterpieces.

Plants to Celebrate Romance

Of course, plants have an important place on this list. We may be biased, but we feel there is no greater gift than one that celebrates a love and appreciation for nature. Also, plants can do double duty. Plants and flowers can decorate your reception, then go home with guests as gifts.

If you are having a bohemian or nature-inspired wedding, consider succulents. Trendy and versatile- succulents will provide interesting décor that you and your florist won’t have to fuss over too much, and these cuties can go home with guests for an easy-care plant they can keep as a reminder of your special day.

To make sure no one is left out of floral fun; you could give your guests mini floral bouquets tied in burlap with seed packets or bulbs attached that they could plant later. For outdoor enthusiasts who love camping, you could give guests small seedlings with care instructions that they can plant. They can be reminded of you as the seedling grows and stretches toward the sky over the years.

For beach weddings, fresh leis liven things up and are a beautiful wedding favor your guests are sure to love. They will add color to photos, as well.

For those who love to read, pressed floral bookmarks are a lovely gift. For those who enjoy pampering, there are fresh floral soaps. For a sweet floral treat, there are lollipops with flowers underneath their candy shells and lively flavors to match the physical beauty.

As you can see, and we admit we are biased in favor of flowers and plants, these are great gifts to give your wedding guests to thank them for being part of your big day. If you would like to discuss flower or plant options for your wedding or for your wedding favors, reach out to our florists at Conroy's Flowers North Hollywood in Universal City, CA, . We are here to help.

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